17th January 2019 

A busy morning….

At last I’ve finally got a chance to sit down and write my first blog.  My mind has been whirling away with so many ideas and I’ve felt so frustrated that I couldn’t get pen to paper.  But now, I’m sat with a cuppa in front of the fire and have some time!  

Life here is so hectic at the moment – we are a family of 6 (and sometimes 7 when my stepdaughter is here) so there is always something going on.  Fitting work in is very difficult but I’m juggling everything and somehow it all works out.

My day begins around 7am when Tim very kindly brings me a cuppa to bed.  I wake the boys up to get ready for school and get the baby dressed and ready for the childminders.  We get out and drop everyone off where they need to be – then its time to get the hens, ducks and goats out, fed and mucked out.

Once they are all sorted it’s time to put the kettle on and have a bite to eat.  After a quick speed clean around the house and laundry done, it’s time to get on with some soap making! I shall go into this further on other blogs.

I usually make one or two batches in a morning (between 12 and 24 bars) – Then it’s time to clean up and go and pick up my little girl from the childminders.  

So there you have it – a typical weekday morning for us.  Hope you enjoyed reading this first blog….I hope to write each week on different goat and soap related topics and also on life here at the barn so keep an eye out for them.

Jane xx