I’ve been meaning to write a blog for a long while, but with lockdown and life getting in the way it’s not been that easy. I hope everyone is keeping well at this weird time. Since my last blog, months ago – lots has happened here.

The most exciting thing was the pitter patter of 8 tiny hooves – or two tiny goats to be more precise.
Sebastian and Willow were born on Easter Monday. We just missed the action by a few minutes. When we came down in the morning to check on Eunice and Blue, we were delighted to find two beautiful kids. A boy and a girl which are the most beautiful colour. We were convinced Eunice would have only one, so we were over the moon when we found two gorgeous little ones.

It has all been a huge learning curve for us all. We were fairly new to goats, let alone new baby ones. Things have gone fairly smoothly (touching wood). We took the kids to the vets to have their horns removed which I hadn’t realised was quite so traumatic – more so for me than them I must point out. But it is necessary with pet goats, for their own safety and ours. Especially having a two year old who loves spending time looking after our animals, we can’t risk any injuries.

They have settled into life here at the barn and are outside most days enjoying their paddock. They aren’t fans of rain though so with this unsettled weather recently they enjoy spending time indoors too.

We are missing the markets at the moment, we love meeting customers and chatting about our soaps and goats so this has been quite a change for us. What that has meant though is an increase in online sales which has kept us busy these last few months. We were looking forward to a few of the big country shows again this summer too which has obviously had to change.

Going forward we are looking forward to markets and other events starting up again (when the time is right).

What’s New?
We’ve been working on ‘Subscription Boxes’ recently. These can be monthly or every other month. They consist of a box with three soaps plus a free little gift each month. Delivered to your door each month so no need to remember to order your soaps, they will be there. One less thing to worry about and the subscriptions can be ended at any time, there is no minimum term. The boxes will come with a variety of soaps each month, or can be customised to your own specification. These are just £12 per month and that includes delivery.
Please email me directly to order these or for any further information at jane@euniceandblue.com

Subscription box

Bye for now
Take care
Jane, Eunice & Blue


Photo by Hilary Halliwell on Pexels.com

How is it March already? Feels like five minutes since Christmas.

My feet haven’t touched the ground yet. Lots is going on here at the moment. Spring is in the air after a few horrendous weeks of rain and more rain. Great weather for ducks though as the saying goes.

The goats are doing really well. They’ve only been outside briefly this year as they don’t like the rain and their enclosure is a muddy mess. Eunice is blooming and getting larger by the day – her little one (or ones) being due around Easter time. As goat owning novices the thought of kids is extremely exciting, yet scary so we are doing all we can to make sure we are prepared.

The hens and ducks are doing well too – laying loads at the moment, so keeping us with a constant supply of fresh eggs. Sadly we lost a couple of ducks over the weekend. Looked like a fox attacked them, poor things. But mother nature is cruel at times and that is something which we’ve had to accept over the last couple of years.

Soap making is keeping us busy too with lots of orders coming in. We have some exciting projects and ideas coming up in the near future and we are going to be starting goat experiences again after Easter. So keep an eye out for those.

I was asked to go on the Gathering on BBC Radio Cumbria in February – it was a a great experience and I enjoyed talking about my life and business in Cumbria. It can be downloaded at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p080vn93 until mid March for anyone who wants a listen. Enjoy 🙂

Bye for now x


Photo by Blaque X on Pexels.com

I just love this time of year. The leaves are all changing colour, the nights are getting longer and there’s a chill in the air. Autumn means comfy sweaters and keeping warm inside with hot chocolate. It’s such a cosy season and I adore cosy!

The goats on the other hand aren’t the biggest fans of this beautiful season – at the moment they are spending more and more days inside. On the odd sunny day we get, I whisk them out to catch some rays of sunshine before dashing them back inside when the weather turns. Their enclosure can get muddy and it’s no fun for them standing out in that. They do have cover which I sometimes find them in, giving me a look which melts my heart and it’s their way of asking me to take them back to the stable.

The ducks don’t seem to mind Autumn at all. In fact they just love the rainy weather. I often find them in puddles on our drive. Sometimes they go in our pond – it’s more ornamental than designed for 16 ducks and is more a mud bath at times, but they love that.

In other news, we rescued four hens last week. They came from a farm where they had had a good life, but sadly were no longer needed for egg production anymore. I just wish we could have saved a few more. But the four girls will live out their days here – free to roam with the other hens and the ducks. They are settling in well and are laying each day. So I am eating eggs for lunch every day which are so tasty.

The new girls enjoying some leftovers
Delicious 🙂