About us

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Hello and welcome to our website!

The story so far…..

I’m Jane, and I share my life and home with husband Tim, my three boys, and our little girl in the beautiful environs of the Lake District. Tim and I have a lot in common, including a love of all things furry and feathered. We wanted our family to grow up surrounded by animals so along came Holly and Bertie the cats then Baxter the dog joined the homestead.  Next came a clatter of ex-battery hens followed by seven ducks. Our family was complete.

Or so we thought.

We were fortunate to have some land, outbuildings and stables but couldn’t decide what to do with them. But destiny had plans for us. Strolling amongst the livestock at the 2018 Cockermouth Show we met a lady who was showing some goats… and that was our lightbulb moment.  We would buy a couple of goats to keep the land under control and have some pets which we could milk.

In September 2018 Eunice and Blue arrived, suitcases in tow. The menagerie was complete (for now at least, never say never!). So there we were, two complete novices about to embark on a journey of discovery. Once she was happily settled, we set about milking Eunice.  It got easier with time and she is happy being milked so long as she has a bucket of feed. Blue, our other girl isn’t a milker but a companion for Eunice. Our ladies have distinct personalities but love each other dearly. And we love them.

Fast forward two years and our herd has grown to five goats – Eunice had twins on Easter Monday (Willow & Sebastian) and Primrose the pygmy goat arrived shortly after.  

‘First came the milk, then came the soap!’

Our children have sensitive skin and harsh hand washes resulted in dryness and itching. We knew our little people deserved better and set about researching the benefits of goat milk soap which, it turned out, were plentiful!

Our goat milk soaps are:

  • packed full of vitamins and minerals
  • completely palm oil and plastic-free
  • packaged in recyclable materials
  • brimming in anti-inflammatory fatty acids that can relieve irritation
  • full of antimicrobial properties that remedy skin infection

Tim and I are, like many of you, compelled to do our bit to help the environment and so we are committed to using earth-friendly packaging and keeping our ingredients as simple as possible.

We are so excited about where our journey is taking us – we hope you will follow us and keep up to date with our news.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (Eunice and Blue) for adventures around the Lake District, country living, lifestyle and generally living the dream!

Bye for now,

Jane, Tim, Eunice & Blue xxx